I'm Back Baby!

After a long hiatus from my toy yacking enterprise....I am back to remind the world of forgotten action figure lines from the past 40 years. My website crashed and so I am back to the blogger and will be updating as regularly as I can. I have had a busy last 6 months hanging out at Disneyland and working hard at building up some missing pieces in my collection.

The piece I am most excited to have acquired in the last few months is the
Empire Legends of the West Frontier Town Playset.

This is only 1 of 3 I have ever even heard of that have survived the test of time.

A very lucky find indeed.


  1. I have the complete set in the original box - both the box and the set is in good condition - all the plastic parts, except for one piece is still on the sprue. I was wondering if you could suggest a price that I should ask when I sell this set. Its been in my attic for at least 30 years with some other old toys. Thank you. Bonnie - bonnieabird@comcast.net


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