Toy Fair 2011

New York Toy Fair 2011 has come and gone. It was a bit of a lackluster year.

There were only a few things I was really excited
about that were shown on the showroom floor. we are...

Colonel Raines' Must Own
Guide to Toy Fair 2011

First and foremost...I will be getting all of these suckers.

The Presidential Monsters from Heroes in Action. That Lincolnstein is to die for.

Don't forget Barackula!

On the Hasbro side of things...

This is the final Storm Shadow I will ever need to buy.

Mega Bloks surprised me by showing a new piece coming this Fall
to the line I am most into at the moment...

The Smurfs arch enemy Gargamel.

If you haven't seen this line. You should look it up.

I fainted when a friend 1st sent a picture of this incredible line to me.


The toys that are close to as great as sliced bread...

Bif Bang Pow showed off the next few waves of Twilight Zone figures.

Just drool and enjoy.

These are a dream come true.

For great pics and coverage of Toy Fair check out and


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