Classic Turtles for President 2012!!

We now live in a world where toy nerds like me are starting to get old and our nostalgia for the good ole days has begun to boil over and launch into the stratosphere. We are getting rehashes of every fabled property from our childhood. All of the toys, comics and cartoons we loved as kids of the '80s have been coming back with a vengence for the last 5 years or so. I am not going to lie and say I didn't get all of the 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe figures, and the Masterpiece Transformers toys, and the Master of the Universe Classics figures from Mattel. I have, along with all my toy nerd brothern have been caught up in the nostalgia of our cherished classics. But, we have now started to reach properties that are a bit past my time from the end of the 80's and early 90's and the best example of those is the new line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Figures from Playmates Toys from the original animated series.

The figures are trickling into stores along with the new
Nickelodeon series of figures I featured last week. 

Wave 1 consist of the 4 Turtles in all their late 80's glory.

The come packaged in wonder retro style cards reminiscent
of the original card art from the old toy line.

Each figure is meticulously sculpted and 
painted to give a modern tribute to a vintage property.

Like the Masters of the Universe Classics line, 
these figures are in the popular 6 inch collector scale. 

They come with very sturdy versions of their signature
weapons and a sewer cover with their respective names printed on each. 

They each boast 34 points of very usable articulation, 
including individual finger and toe joints. 

The joints as all very tight and hold their poses well.

Like the new series of figures, Playmates Toys 
has outdone themselves with this classic line. 

Here's hoping these do very well and I get a 
sweet Classic style Casey Jones do go with these dudes. 

I vote this new toy line to be the best toys 
released at mass retail so far this year. 

The prospects for success of these toys 
far out way those of our presidential candidates.

 I therefore nominate them as Independent Candidates for office! 

This year...I vote Turtles.


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