Countdown to San Diego Comic Con 2012 Part 1

So...we are just a week away from the start of San Diego Comic Con and I just wanted to celebrate by highlighting some new toys that are hitting stores trying to steal my money this last week before the con.

I was going to teach a class on the other side of Los Angeles from where I work and found myself in the neighborhood about an hour early, so...what else to do to pass the time than hit the local Target and Toys R Us to see if any new items are of the shelf that could temp me to spend money before the con.

Of course, I found pegs full of the new Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles figures and vehicles.....UGH!!!!!!

I was hoping to find nothing!!!

Damn you Playmates Toys for making such fun figures. 

These weren't supposed to be out for another month. 

Could I leave the whole set of 1st wave figures just sitting on the shelves....of course not!

I have been highly anticipating this new line all year since I got a glimpse of the new playset.

Holy Crap!!!!

I can not wait to put these finely crafted figures on that thing.


They are very well done. Especially the Turtles. 

 I can take it or leave with the designs of the other characters, 
but they are well sculpted and you can tell this line 
was created with lots of love and attention. 

And yes, Kraang is removable!

The Turtles are all different molds and are sized and colored uniquely. 

I also found the 3 new vehicles. Picks of those to follow tomorrow!

There will be 4 super sized 10 and 1/2 inch Turtles for sale at the Entertainment Earth 
for $30 each or a $100 for the set to generate excitement about the line. 

Be sure to stop by one of my favorite booths every year to pick them up!!


  1. Ooh hoo hoo...I really do not want to start up another line...that playset is so rad, though! GRAH!!! Why couldn't I have been born rich! With money...not the Holy Spirit.


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