Countdown to San Diego Comic Con 2012 Part 2

Every year my fellow toy nerds and I hit San Diego Comic Con, it is an exhaustive few days of getting up early and waiting in long lines for all of our most wanted toy exclusives. This year will be no different. Up at 7am. Got to the convention hall and wait in line to get a ticket to stand in another line later that day. There is about a full days worth of line waiting to ensure we get our prized exclusives.

Here are the top 5 toys we will be gunning for this year!!!

1. The Super Hellicarrier by Hasbro booth #3329

This ridiculously oversized vehicle is on of the largest exclusives to ever come out of comic-con lore. It is 4 feet long and comes with new figures of Shield Agent Maria Hill and her pal, Captain America. This thing will be hard to come by after the 1st day of the Con. If you are coming Saturday or Sunday...good luck!

2. Monster High Scarah Scream by Mattel booth #3029

Scarah was voted on at last years con to be this years exclusive. She is a background character in the Monster High universe and she comes with Frankie's made up boyfriend Hoo Doo. These will skyrocket in price after the con.  

3. Doctor Who Victory of the Daleks Box Set by Underground Toy booth #3751


This set has a new figure of Winston Churchill from the new Doctor Who series with Matt Smith. It also comes with a rehash of the Dalek from that same episode. Underground toys usually surprises everyone with a secret exclusive the 1st day of the con. Here's hoping for a great classic series box set. 

4. The Twilight Zone Kanamit Cookbook Set by Bif Bang Pow booth #2343

This a old school style metal lunch box with a Kanamit cookbook style notebook and a variant Kanafit figure played by Richard Kiel from the episode "To Serve Man." This is the Kanamit costume from the end of the episode when they are shipping humans back to their home planet to eat them. Any new Twilight Zone figure is gold to me...keep them coming. 

5. G.I. Joe Jinx figure and variant by Hasbro booth #3329

Every year Hasbro gives us a great 25 anniversary style Joe figure to pad our ranks. This year is a great choice. She will highly sought after when the con is over. 

If you have friends that are going...get your orders in quick. But, appreciate the time they put standing in line to get these over priced pieces of plastic gold.


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