This month's haul...

July has been an intense month of toy releases. 
Along with my trip to SDCC, I have been picking up some 
fun items that have made this a stellar month 
for new toys added to my collection.

The last Bandai Thundercats figure Slithe

Night of the Living Dead Karen Cooper by EMCE toys

80's Marvel Universe She Hulk by Hasbro

Avengers Jet, movie Nick Fury and Chitauri by Hasbro


SDCC Super Helicarrier by Hasbro all decked out!

 Classic Ninja Turtles by Playmates

Nickelodeon New Animated Ninja Turtles

Monster High Scary Tales Dolls by Mattel

Thanks to all the toy companies out there for such a great month!

This doesn't even include the haul from SDCC.


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