New Year. New Toys.

I have been on vacation for quite sometime 
and have gotten many new toys over the holiday. 

Here is a highlight of the Holiday Haul!

Right before we left I received this gem from a friend in the mail.

The Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home from Kenner in 1982.

I know...I very girly. But, I have always loved it. 

To go with it my toy Secret Santa sent 
Miss Shortcake herself as present for my new playset.

The original 1979 version with the flat hands.

I also got my greedy little hands piece of 70's nonsense.

The 1976 Lassie's Farm playset by Gabriel.

I have been trying to get my hands on this for years.

 I was lucky enough to get it for a cheap price. 

This playset is fairly lame and not in much demand,
 but it is extremely rare since it is made of cardboard
 and most of them were probably destroyed 
with a few hours of play time. 

The last of the vintage items in my holiday booty is this fine playset.

 The 1987 Remco Karate Kid Corner Challenge Playset.

It was from the tail end of the KK line 
and not to many have surfaced over the years.

The other toys I got were a little more modern.

 My Secret Santa also got me the 1st of what
 I hope will be many Mezco Popeye figures from 2001.

Poopdeck Pappy

I missed this line when it came out cause
 I was to busy collecting The Simpsons toys at the time.

My girl and I also picked up some of the Disney Store 
exclusive Snow White dolls to go in our Disney Kitchen.

A buddy from England sent over this UK Toys R Us exlcusive.

The Hobbit Yazneg 6" figure by The Bridge Direct.

He is very close to the source material, but a strange 
character to make over all the villains that
 had more face time in the movie.

The final plunder came from my oldest friend 
who gets me Masterpiece Transformers for Christmas.

Optimus and Thudercracker are incredible and a dream come true.

Let's hope they make Megatron in this scale.

Well...I got all that I could handle this Holiday. 

 I hope you all made out like Toy Bandits.


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