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10 More Playsets from the Colonel's Archive

Any one that knows me, knows that I love playsets. I have an embarrassing amount of them. It is almost shameful...and I don't even have close to all that I want! But, I figured I would showcase 10 more sweet playsets that have a hallowed place in my toy room. 

10. Marx Toys The Ready Gang Action Town

This is a very cool short lived line from the late 70's. There are only 3 figures, 3 horses, and this massive playset. 
These are meant to play with other western toys of the time like Legends of the West and The Lone Ranger.

for more info check out Plaidstallions.

9. Galoob Blackstar Ice Castle

Just before He-man took over the world... there was Blackstar. 

A fantastic toy line from  a short lived animated series.

The best piece is this playset...The Ice Castle. 

The home of the evil Overlord. 

It is very brittle and I have had all 
3 of mine break on me. 

It makes an impressive display,
but treat it like an egg and be gentle.

8. Kenner's Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home

Agh!! The Pu…

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