The Colonel's Top 10 Most Wanted Playsets!!!

I know that top 10 list are the cliche of the moment, but it is an easy way to disseminate information for myself and share it with others. So, with that caveat out of the way...


(Pics are all borrowed from the internet. If they are yours or you would like me to remove them, please let me know.) 

 I am a huge action figure playset collector. It is in fact my passion. I have collected many over the years, but some really incredible ones have still eluded me. Here are the top 10 I covet the most. 

10. The ECO Monster Castle

This a European playset that was thought to work
 with the Sungold Galaxy Warriors Knock Off line.
Here is a nice article about it.

I love the creepy hand covering the entrance to this strange castle. 
It is like a ugly cousin of castle Grayskull.

9. D-Toys The Flintstones House

I am not sure this one even exist. But, these figures were produced throughout the early 1980s all over the world by different companies. I see new things from this line all the time.

The playset could be out there.

It is also in some of the advertising that came with the figures. (Even a Rubble House!)

 They used it for a commercial. It may have been a one off for just that store. I don't know. If you do...please tell me!!!

8. Exin's Madelman 2050 Basertron

This is a 3 3/4 scale line from Spain.
The figures are just like the GI Joes of the time.

 The playset on the other hand. Holy Crap! Look at this thing!!!!


7. Famosa's Peter Pan Darling Mansion

This was never released in the continental US that I know of. 
Dang it!

 The Famosa Disney lines are so cool 
and this is my favorite of the bunch.

Not to hard to find just expensive to ship.

6. Filmation Ghostbusters Ghost Command

These are my pics. I owned it for 10 years and sold it in a crunch.

  I had taken it out of its box and put the stickers on myself.

 It has been gone from me for 3 years.

Time to come back home.

5. Mego's The Flintstones Playset

It has Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, and Dino...
what more do you want?! There have been many Flintstones lines over the years but this is the most scarce. There weren't many produced and therefore it is an expensive set to buy.

 Good luck finding it complete with the box!

4. NFL Action Team Mate Stadium

The late 1970's had some of my favorite action figure lines. These were 6" NFL action figure with full articulation. They are beauties!
Each came with a stand and a set of numbers. The face sculpts were the same, but you could choose a Caucasian or African American player from any team uniform. You could create any player you want. These were very popular and are still very collectible to this day.

 The stadium is huge as you can imagine.
 It is very tough to complete intact.

I have yet to find a good one to call my very own. 
It is cardboard with breakable plastic accessories.

Good luck completing this series. The figures, particularity the African American players are very expensive.

3. Mego's CB McHaul Truck Stop

This little cardboard playset is so damn difficult to come by. This was a short lived line during the late 1970's trucker, convoy, CB craze. (Yes I said craze.) There were songs, movies, TV shows, and toys that came out of this fad.

The figures are a little strange, based off the old pocket heroes molds, with questionable posing.

 The playset is just a simple truck stop but it is beautiful. I have only seen two for sale over the last decade. I lost both auctions. :(

See the great Mego Museum for more info.

2. Camy's The Rock - Monsters of the Galaxy

 Here are boxed examples from France and Italy. This is the Fortress of Mystery from an obscure European fantasy line. The figures are similar to Galoob's Blackstar. 

Here is a pic of the full set from Shuptine's amazing collection at

 I had the chance to buy this 10 years ago and passed. 

Ugh!! What an idiot.

I haven't seen one for sale since. 

1. SDF -1 from Matchbox's Robotech

 This playset pops up from time to time, but finding it in nice 
complete condition is exceedingly difficult.
 I have bid and lost many auctions for this sucker.
 I personally think it is the coolest 3 3/4 scale figure playset.
An incomplete one just sold for over $400 on ebay. 

For a ton of information and more of these images I borrowed check out the Super Toy Archive.

And here is a video of it being constructed

Well...that's it. If you have any more info or one of these playsets that you don't want anymore...please let me know. I would be happy to add it to my toy room. :)


  1. I Stumbled upon your blog while searching for playsets. Man! Great articles, and added to my bookmarks! Keep it up!

  2. Hi! IF YOU EVER WANT TO SELL "LASSIE'S FARM BY GABRIEL" PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! My email is I'd REALLY appreciate it!! Thank you!! Diane

  3. I have a C.B. McHaul Truck Stop on ebay right now. It was mine from when I was a kid, hardly played with it.


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