The Top 10 Obscure Playsets in my Storage Unit

I can't keep to many toys at home, so most of them are stashed away in my storage unit collecting 
dust till I can get a bigger place and display them properly. 

Playsets are my favorite part of any toy line and 
I thought I would highlight my 
Top Ten favorite playsets from obscure vintage 
lines languishing away in cold dark storage. 

The Colonel's Top Ten 
Obscure Vintage Playsets 


Kung Fu Training Center Playset by Zima Products 1986

This is basically a knockoff of the more popular Remco Karate Kid toys from the mid 80's.

You pull the string on the side of the playset and
let your figure destroy all of the fun accessories the set comes with.

It even comes with a really crappy He-man style figure with a sweet mustache. 

See video for Karate action!!


Lassie's Farm by Gabriel 1976

This was made hot off the heals of Gabriel's popular 9" Lone Ranger series. 

Lassie was being shown in reruns in the 70's and Gabriel tried to capitalize, 
but the toys were not very popular and were quickly cancelled. 

At least we got this cardboard monstrosity. 

Happy Day!


The Other World Castle Zendo by Arco 1982

This great fantasy playset was made for the often 
forgotten Other World line of bendy action figures.

It just goes to show the power of the 80's toy market that a little line from a small company got such an amazing playset.

I miss those days.


Bible Greats Playsets by Rainfall Late 80's

Every show and movie had a line of toys in the 80's so why not make a 3 3/4" line of figures from the Greatest Story ever told?

These beauties were sold at religious stores and can be tough to come by today. 

Jonah and the Big Fish is by far my favorite set.

My only complaint is that the whales mouth won't open to throw Jonah in.


Topper Tigers Barracks by Deluxe Reading 1966

The Tigers were a smaller bendy knockoff 
version of the far more popular GI Joe in the 60's.

The line was short lived but we got one fun 
rare Barrack playset that has two sets of bunk beds!

To learn more about the Topper Tigers check out this site.


Mail Away Lone Ranger Town by Gabriel 1981

This little cardboard playset was an offer that came with all the Lone Ranger 3 3/4" figures in the early 80's.

It is a great addition to a really fantastic vintage line.

Sadly, not many have survived over the years.

I am still afraid to assemble mine.


Bugs Bunny Playhouse by Concept 2000 1977

What's not to love here?

It a Bugs Bunny Rabbit Hole playset. 

The fact that this was made restored my faith in humanity.

It even came with Daffy, Elmer, and Porky. A+


Kojak's Office by Excel 1976

Yet another strange choice for a playset. 

This line consist of 3 figures. 
2 Kojaks and a bad guy. 

It is made of really nice cardboard and makes
a "fun" backdrop for all your Kojak adventures.

No...I have not put mine together yet...
too timid at this point.

The Hal Needham Stuntman Playset by Gabriel 1978

This playset puts your dreams of becoming
 a big time movie director into practice. 

It has break-away everything, a camera, 
a boom mic and a great figure of the man Hal himself.

I shed a tear of joy every time I pull this set out.


Filmation Ghostbusters Ghost Command by Schaper 1986

I absolutely adore this line.

This playset is massive and is far superior to other great sets of the age like Castle GreySkull from He-man and The Cat's Lair from Thundercats.

The detail is impeccable and it is too bad Schaper 
didn't get their hands on more well know properties.

There is plenty more nonsense in my storage unit waiting to come to light. 
Hopefully I will get around to displaying all of this insanity at some point.


  1. Fantastic.
    The info on the Other Worlds was fun to run into. My brother and I had some of those figures growing up, but never really knew what toy universe they belonged to. It's great to see them again.

  2. I remain utterly jealous that you have the Gabriel western town for the Legends of the Lone Ranger line (not to mention the one for the Legends of the West!). One of these days...

  3. Amazing collection!!! I remember the Hal Needham Stuntman Set. I had so much fun with that thing, especially all the breakaway furniture. There were so many pieces and cardboard standees...

    That Bugs Bunny set is awesome. I never knew that thing existed.

  4. This is brilliant. Thanks so much for posting these pics! What an outstanding collection of obscure playsets!!!

    I linked to your blog entry over on my facebook page (

    Great stuff.

    yr pal,


  5. WOW, those are some insanely awesome sets! I haven't even heard of a couple of those things! I love the Hal Needham set, haha! This just makes your storage unit sound all the more intriguing. I wonder what other treasures you've got in there...

  6. I totally concur with Hilary! If you've got THIS much coolness in your storage unit, I bet it's a treasure trove of goodies! My own storage unit isn't quite as interesting. It currently houses some antique furniture that I inherited, but I know it's safe there.

  7. Wow, I have into toys for over 40 years, I never saw a few of these! Great playsets.

  8. Hey Colonel, I discovered your blog, because you are following mine, so I just arrived here, and what do I find? I am amazed by your toy shed and also by these 10 playsets, from which I knew only 1 (actually Nr.1).

    I guess some of these are the very last units left in the world (at least in that great shape), so please keep them in good conditions for future generations. Many of these should make their way into museums. Or maybe you can open your own!

    Juan/ Gog (from Toys From The Past)


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