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I have been meaning to do a piece about the wonderful Doctor Who toys by Characters Options for quite some time. Other toys have always gotten in the way. But, July 2010 is shaping up to be Doctor Who Toy Month, so I figured it was time to start spotlighting this line, culminating with the big release of exclusives at this years Comic-Con in San Diego.

We have been blessed over the last few years with a glut
of Doctor Who action figure merchandise and this year is no slouch.

My toy nerd pal Tim and I started collecting
these a couple of years ago and collectively we have amassed
quite a lot little plastic British time travelers and his friends.

Tim is very obsessive and collects every known variant in all aspects of this line.

The Colonel... more focused on Fried Chicken, Agrarian Economics, and
the new Series 5 toys and the Classics figures and playsets.


We got lucky this past month and were both able to score
the 7th Doctor and 4th Doctor with their respective Tardis'.

First favorite Doctor, Mr. Tom Baker.

When this 4th Doctor/Tardis combo box set was
announced months ago, I almost fainted at the prospect
of having a in scale detailed Tardis for this goofy man-child.

My expectations were high, but then we got word
that the interior of the Tardis would not be decorated
like the old 9th/10th Doctor Flight control Tardis... dreams felt like they were being stepped on
by some snaggle-toothed penny pinching middle manager.


The closer the release date came the less
excited I was to own this little blue box.

I finally opened this sucker last night and even though I am disappointed in the lack of any interior...I am still blown away by how great the Tardis looks!

It is not much of a playset.

It does have the regular old Tardis light sound effects,
but other than that is just a really cool accessory.

Though Mr. Baker does looks very dashing coming out of his Tardis.

The blue seems to be about right for a Tardis from that time period
and the scale looks smack on to me.

(But, you would have to ask Tim...he is real expert/nerd)

Onto the 7th Doctor.

Just because the show went down during his tenure
doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a nice little Tardis
to toodle himself around the Universe.

His Tardis is just like Tom's. No interior, but a great accessory
for this underappreciated and undersized Doctor.

I really dig that brown jacket!

This Tardis has an actual phone in the phone box
like the original Flight Control Tardis.

The only problem is that it inhibits how far the left door can open
and the Doctor has to shimmy his way into this Tardis.

Again...not a playset...just an accessory.

Overall I am very happy that Character Options released these blue boxes, even if it was just thrown together and not the same quality as 99% of the Doctor Who products.

Within the next couple of weeks we will have the 1st and the 11th Doctor's Tardis'.

Oh my poor sad wallet.

I will sign off with a fun video of my favorite Doctor.


  1. Excellent post. Love the pics. Especially that portrait of The Colonel himself... =D

    One thing I missed that you can easily fix right here in the comments: I really want to know - what is 'The Colonel's Pick' for favorite DW item from Character Options (so far!) and why??

  2. This blog is amazing. It really is some of your best work of all time. Brilliant! And I'm not just blowing smoke. I'm out there promoting it because I believe in it.

    P.S. Tell Tim that I'm a huge fan after watching his segment! Well done.

  3. Tim's video is awesome. Great quality, plus he nails the Doctor's universal appeal in just a few seconds.

    Love the toy pics. That photo of the Seventh Doctor is amazing. Sylvester McCoy made for a grand Doctor and would have worked wonders with the technology and characterization found in the modern relaunch. I hope he is invited back like they did with Peter.

  4. Hey,

    I thought you might like to know that Kasterborous - a Doctor Who news site - is using one of your images for a pro-gambling piece on their homepage.


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