The A-team

In honor of the new movie coming out tomorrow,
I thought I would share a few thoughts
on the new A-team movie figures by Jazwares.

I was a huge fan of the TV series and Mr. T is my personal hero.
(I even had a Cabbage Patch type doll of him my parents found at a arts fair back in '84.)
How could one not love the cartoony antics of the varied A-team members.

I mean George Peppard in all his hammy glory.

Mr. T's over emphatic delivery of all of his lines.

Murdock's homoerotic insanity.

Face's incredible 80's corvette and wardrobe.

Cars blowing up an flipping over.

What's not to love?!

I am very sceptical of the new movie,
but I must say when I saw them smash B.A.'s van
in the ticket was sold!

I found these figures a couple of weeks ago
at my friendly neighborhood Target.
Luckily I got to choose them right out of the case...
the paint jobs on these guys are terrible!!!
I pulled out the best Hannibal of 5 in the case and
the best B.A.and grabbed the Van and got out of there.
All of the rest of the figures had really bad paint jobs.

I am still searching for a well painted
Face and Murdock to put in the back of the van.

Be very careful when you pick these guys up.

I saw many a Hannibal with only half of his beard painted in.

At 1st glance the figures are your standard 3 3/4" design.
But, once I got them out of the package I was very happy!
They have very proportionate bodies and constructed
in a natural way with wide shoulders and hips that
is different from other figures in this scale.

The van is a nice addition to this small line.
It looks great aesthetically, but has a few small problems.

The sliding door to the van doesn't stay in place
very well and falls off quite easily.

Also, the grill on the front of the van is made of very soft plastic
that gets bent out of place in the package.

It has a really cheesy light and sound feature that are hardly worth mentioning.
It is also a bit out of scale with the figures.
The team looks like a bunch of twelve year olds that
stole their pops van for a night out.

But, B.A. does look sweet in his famous ride...

Jazwares has a long way to go with their paint applications and there scaling.
Yet, a good first effort into the world of licensed human toys from this young company.

"Let's load up and go save little Jimmy.
He's been running numbers and is in trouble with mob."

"I love it when a plan...blah, blah, blah, blah."


  1. It's amazing what the Hipstamatic can do for these toys. I have been informed that I have to see the A-Team by myself because my lawfully wedded husband wants to go see it with some BOYS. Jerk.

    That said, I'm glad they released the van. I hope consumers under 30 will actually get it.


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