"I'm sick of runnin' from these wimps!"

From out of Greek Mythology and into the late 70's Sci Fi Comic Cheesfest comes my 2nd favorite character from the dazzlingly timeless and politically incorrect (Thank God) movie "The Warriors," directed by Walter Hill. Now being a self professed super duper movie nerd, I have seen this movie around 100 times since I was a little mismatched nerd school boy in the early 80's. I remember finding a vest at a garage sale and pretending to be Swan the War Chief of the gang while adventuring in my neighborhood. Why? He got the girl. What else has been the aim of my life besides collecting toys and reading dictionaries? That being said, I had a heart attack when Mezco came out with their earlier Stylized line of figures back in 2005.

I collected the whole line and had all of the exclusive figures...blah...blah...blah. But, I was always bothered by the way Mezco has with taking an amazing property and "Making It Their Own" by exaggerating the source material.

I mean it is real sweet and cute that I can get a deformed Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Doll to sleep with at night, but I hated it in regards to the human characters in this film. A few months after I got all of the figures, I sold them to pay the rent when I was on sabbatical in Florida. I really haven't missed anything but their collectibility ever since.

Now onto something important. Are you listening?

Summer 2008. San Deigo Comic Con. My second year in a row missing this wondrous event, and I hear that a new realistic super articulated Warriors figure is going to be on sale!!! I jumped for joy and took back anything bad I had ever said about Mezco. (Hey...I loved those old Popeye figures...doesn't that count for anything? I swear I won't say anything bad about your crappy Heroes figure line.)

As I am sure you know the Red Faced Baseball Fury was limited to 200 figures worldwide. Ugh. But, I luckily had a friend who pulled a favor with the Mezco guys and got me one for face value at the Con. It has been sitting in the bottom of a drawer in my room as to not damage it in any way until the day I have the balls to open it up.

And boy does it just sit in that drawer...

Finally, months and months later the rest of the first wave of figures came out and I got my dirty little hand on The Warriors wanna be Bad Ass "Ajax." The character was portrayed by the great character actor James Remar.


Now this is what an action figure should be. Take the 9" Mego style cloth clothes and tons of articulation and give the sculpt an ultra realistic look. This is what you end up with, one of the greatest action figures ever made.

I am still gushing over these and they have been out for months now.
I just can't get over the fact that they were actually made.

Even in this crappy economy there has to be room in your heart for a $35 hyper articulated homophobe figure like "Ajax" here. Each figure is limited to 1979 pieces worldwide.
So hurry up and by them!

The details...

40 points of very useful articulation.
Detailed cloth outfit with a sweet vest and dirty pants.

3 sets of hands for all different kinds of ass kicking.

Handcuffs, baseball bat and an articulated stand.

My only complaint would be his feet.
They are good, but not great when it comes to posing him with out his stand.

So...will I ever grow a pair and open up this amazing Red Faced Fury?


  1. Where's that Doctor Who post already??
    -Anonymous P. Sheridan

  2. iconic they were limited to 1979 pieces
    the warriors came out in 1979

  3. i need to buy rimrad from the warriors

  4. please help me out to find action figure Rimrad or snow from the Warriors??? anyone please

  5. You totally need to review another figure in this line, maybe Swan?

  6. hilarious. Love it.


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