Beyond the Rim of the Star-Light

I can't say I didn't spend my childhood watch reruns of the Original Star Trek series and that I am a huge nerd for all of the various lines of Star Trek toys. So....I really did try hard not to want or like or having anything to with JJ McCraps new Star Trek revamp or dream sequence or toilet paper or whatever the heck he filmed that will be coming out on May 9th. But, as you will come to find out, I am a sucker for a really cool action figure playset idea.

So our friends over at Playmates Toys have gotten back the license to produce figures etc. for the new movie. I have nearly all of their old line of Star Trek I figured I would give them a shot.

Sure the naysayers and whiney purist are up in arms that Zachary Quinto sucks and why the heck is the Harold and Kumar guy playing Sulu. I can't say that I don't feel the same way. When that first trailer came out and the kid was like....."Look at me...I'm James Tiberus Kirk," I wanted to puke. But, then the second trailer came out and all of the little sneak peaks and the pictures of the toys and playsets....


That hasn't happened to me in ages. It feels good to be one of the nameless masses that are blind to the Hollywood Machine and it is revolving door of soulless crap. I really am excited to see a movie directed by JJ Abrams. What has happened to me?

Anyways...have you seen these toys or what? Of course you have. These were just released this past week at most Walmarts and Toy R Us'. I have yet to spy them at Target, but I am sure to see them there soon. I had decided going in that I would only collect one of the scales, either

3 3/4 inch

6 inch

or 12 inch

That decision lasted about 3 seconds when my pal Tim and I found them Friday night at midnight at Walmart. We walked in as they were closing and BAM!!!!! A whole endcap full of the little 3 3/4 inch figure and all of the 6" figures except for Spock. Now......BE CAREFUL!!! The paint on the guys is either great or horrible. Take you time shopping around for a version of each character. We luckily found a good version of all 1o of the little figures and decided not to get any 6 inchers and save those for another day. BIG MISTAKE. I should have picked at least a few of the up.....cause of course the Uhura is hard to find anywhere else in that scale.

We also picked up the Bridge playset and the Transporter playset at the Toys R Us that time forgot on Saturday.

First impression:

"Well...they could have been worse."

Once I had them all together in the playset with all their pieces:

"Pretty freaking cool!!!"

I am very excited about the prospect of getting a piece of the bridge or transporter playset with each of the figures. Of course it will take months and over 20 figures to complete it, but hey...."You had me at Hello."

The Bridge playset comes with a vinyl mat to put all of the various console pieces on and you can roll it up and save it for another day. That is the one really crappy part of the playset that needed to be remedied.

So after a trip to Michael's and getting:

1 can of spray adhesive.
1 piece of black foam core
1 Sharp Knife
and a bunch of glue.

We will have a stationary nicely displayable and moveable bridge playset for all of your little Star Trek friends.


So this line was cancelled before I got to post this blog. Here is the rest of the playset and figures we will never get to have.


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