The Raggedy Doctor and his bowtie.

I spent this past week in New York for my birthday and was fortunate enough to be there when the new stars of the BBC series Doctor Who came the Apple store in Soho to do a Q + A.

The first of the New Series 5 Doctor Figures hit America on Tuesday and my friend and I went to the great Forbidden Planet Store in Union Square to pick them up and take them to Soho and try our luck to get them autographed by the Doctor, Matt Smith, and his new companion Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan. luck would have it...we were the first ones to pick them up at the store and once we made it to the Apple store all the nerds were very jealous.

The figures are gorgeous. I expect nothing less from the great people at Character Options in England. The first set of figures is a two pack depicting the 11th Doctor in his transition clothes in his first episode "The Eleventh Hour."

The Q + A was great and we got to meet Steven Moffat, Matt, and Karen at the end and get their autographs.

We even got interviewed by BBC America!

So check out Tim and I nerding it up for all the world to see.

Right Here

And yes these figures are well worth it. Go and buy them now!

Location:Rugby Dr,West Hollywood,United States


  1. New outfit - best fig in the line!!

  2. also - that pic of 10 and 11 together ---- kinda sorta looks like you and me. weird.


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