Excel Toys' Little Legends of the West

 Excel Toys released these "Little Legends" in 1973 and 1974.

The only have 4 points of articulation and have static pre-posed legs.

Sometime in 1974, Excel added articulation and sold the line to Empire Toys, who produced many Legends of the West figures, horses, and wagons till 1980.

These "Little Legends" differ from their later articulated cousins in
not just movement, but in sculpting and quality.

These earlier figures are made of a higher quality plastic than the
later cheaper dime store style pieces released by Empire.

The major differences in the sculpting is that Cochise

and Wild Bill Hickok have longer tunics

and Buffalo bill has on a long coat and stripe pants like 
his 9" cousin.

For more info and pics from the Legends of the West
lines from Empire and Excel check out this link.



A box set of 3 figures and a horse. 


  1. I like !! I have the Legends of the West but I didnt know about these guys. Thier legs remind me of the Comic action heroes from the 70s.

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  3. AHHH! I've been looking for information on these guys. I had Cochise when I was very little I recall loosing his removable rubber headband/feather and being very disappointed. Its great to see him again!!


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