The Colonel's Comic-Con Favorites that I have decompressed from the many many many hours of lines and crowds I have been in over the past few days. Here is my SDCC report. 

As it has been since it became Hollywood Con back in the early 2000's. It was super over crowded to the point of absurdity. The way the exclusives are handled is insane as usual. I was in line for 7 hours just to ensure I could be one of the 1st to get a few things from the Hasbro booth. 


It would be easier and less money spent to just buy them on ebay after the show. 

So don't feel bad if you couldn't make it. 

 That being said. 

There is no place in the world you will see and experience 
more of the pop culture things you love all in one place. 

As a hardened veteran I am not easily impressed. 

The things that got me were: 

 The Super7 Retro Alien figures

 The new Hobbit figures from Bridge Direct


All of the incredible displays that Hasbro had in their booth this year. 

Just Spectacular.

 The exclusive hits of the show were: 

All the My Little Pony horses, 
Monster High's Scarah Screams,  
 The White GI Joe Jinx figure 
the Italian version of Captain Action, Capitano in Azione. 

 The duds of the show: Ghostbusters Dana as Zuul and MOTUC Vykron
 (Wow...what a couple of pieces of plastic crap)

This was me at the hotel after the 1st day of toy insanity.

Here are pics I took of my favorite stuff from the con:

 The DC Green Lantern display playset to showcase their new figures. Drool.... 

The Super 7 New Retro Alien figures

 The Massive Gentle Giant Star Wars figure Cantina 

 The poster for the Avengers Helicarrier 

 The MOTUC display made like the old poster

 The Castle Doom display at Hasbro (Hard to get a good pic) 

 The new Outer Space Men 

 MOTUC Ram Man 

The Hobbit 3 3/4 figures

 The 80's MU She Hulk 

The vintage Matt Mason display at the Mattel Booth

 And Finally...the Avengers Helicarrier
Love this thing. But didn't like standing in line for it or carrying it around. 
A pain in the ass. But, I got it home and opened her up. 


Maria Hill Helicarrier Exclusive

 My Favorite exclusive from the con was the Italian Captain Action variant. 
Limited and very cool. 

 That's about sums it up for me. 
There were millions other things happening, but as always, 
I was only concerned with the toys. 


  1. Love the Helicarrier and the Maria Hill exclusive is very nice. The Castle Doom display is my favorite display you captured.


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