I will not lie to you.

 The long time toy love of my life is not G.I. Joe or Transformers. 

It is not Legends of the West or Marvel Legends.

It is and probably always will be...The Smurfs!

Ever since I was a small boy, I would go into a frenzy when new Smurf toys arrived at retail. My parents even created a large painted Smurfs village setting for all of my toys and gave it to me for Christmas one year. Though,  I am not a die hard Smurf collector like those over at

 I do not collect every little piece.

 I usually just want the most accurate representation of the character in toy form. I outgrew the old statue like PVC figures of my youth and rejoiced when Jakks Pacific released a line of articulated figures from the show. I have gone nuts tracking all of the pieces down and there are still a handful of overseas variants that I haven't gotten my hands on.

These are by far the best Smurf figures ever done!

Each one is incredibly show accurate. 
(Except Gargamel and Azrael of course.)

Jakks Pacific has been expanding this line for years now.

Just a year or so ago we got  a Gargamel's Castle and new vehicles.

A few years ago they even introduced a brilliant concept of interlocking puzzle style pieces to create your own Micro Smurf Village!



These are the Smurfs toys I had waited my whole life to acquire.

 My buddy and I went everywhere buying out stores of sets
 so that I could create a massive village for myself. In my opinion it is is still to small. 

 My favorite set was the Toysrus Exclusive, Garagmel's Castle!

Sadly this line was cancelled and no more pieces were made.

 I hold out hope that one day they will return to this concept with the Smurfs.

Well...with the new movie Smurfs: The Lost Village opening on April 7th...I am gearing up for some new smurfy friends to come home and join my collection.

 I already picked up a few, but there are so many more coming!!!

 At Toy Fair in NY...

And sets that have only been seen in Europe so far...

 You can pick up some at Toysrus right now...including blind bags, a box set, and two packs!

I am really looking forward to the movie and it is also my birthday weekend. 
Maybe my wife will make these for me again this year... that I have written this...I am off to grab a Smurf Happy Meal, find some Smurf toys and gear up for the movie next week!

Here's to another burgeoning Smurf collection. 

Thanks to Jakks Pacific for updating, expanding and keeping this brand going for so long..


  1. I've noticed that on the back of the series 2 of Micro Village, there is a Farmer Smurf with a farm house, and a Miner Smurf with a mine. On-line, I cant find these in USA. I've seen a Farmer/Baker set for sale from some foreign place, Rs currency for around $100, claiming the item is in the US, but dont quite trust buying from them, even though it's through international Ebay. I havent been able to find a picture of the Miner set any where but on the back on the package. What do you know about them?

    1. Hey. They released the Farmer/Baker set in the US. It was very hard to find. I got mine on a trip to Boston at a Toyrsus. The Miner one was never released sadly. Always wanted that one.


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