San Diego Nerd-a-Thon 2010 Recap

A look back at last weeks nerdy event.

Now that I have recovered from the craziness of Comic-Con,
I can reflect on all the nerdy goodness that came my way
at this years overpopulated convention.

1st off...the best part of the convention was meeting
new fanboys and toy geeks like myself and sharing
the ridiculous plastic fever that overtakes everyone
to garner all of the Con Exclusives.

It all started when I met up with my new pals Paul, Steve, and Junior
at the Hasbro ticket booth at 7am Thursday morning. We stood in line for 2 hours
to get tickets to buy toys later in the day from the Hasbro booth. (Don't ask.)
We then headed over to another line to stand and wait for a chance
to get a ticket to buy some more toys from another booth.

All in all a good nerdy start to a long day of lines and toy buying.

We got a lucky break early as Junior charmed his way
into the front of the Hasbro line and the 4 of us were
able to pick all of our action figure treasures.
As you can see, Junior has his hand full of crap and it was only 11am.
We spent the day buying and hoarding as many
exclusives as we could afford and get our hands on.

The second and third day were more of the same while
trying to fit in a few panels here and there.

Check out Paul's recap of his comic-con journey: Comic-Con Video.

I know there is a lot of info on the web about comic-con,
so I will spare you any more bull plop.

Let's just talk about the new toys!!!

Here are the highlights that thrilled my nerd soul at the con.
(Sorry about the crappy pics. I didn't have the patience to take great ones.
Too many slimy nerds in my way.)

The coolest booth to me at the con was TRON!
I love the movie as a kid and am very excited about the new on in December.
They had nice booth with a life size Light Cycle and tons of Tron toys on display.

There are going to be a ton of Tron figures and vehicle coming out.

My favorites were the 6" and 3 3/4" lines.

The AFX booth had the new old school Outer Space Men from the 4 Horsemen on display.

I am a huge fan of the old late 60's line of 6" figures,
but they have scaled these down to industry and collector standard 3 3/4" size.

They don't compare to old line and have a bit too much in common with DC Infinite Heroes line than I would like, but I will reserve judgement till they are in my hands.

The new Gentle Giant Star Wars reproductions of the original figures
in 12" form were the coolest toys at the entire convention.

I don't even collect much Star Wars stuff anymore, but these babies are a work of art.

I talked to folks at Gentle Giant and they are interested
in producing all 92 of the original Star Wars action figures.

The only problem in that they are $85 bucks a piece!?!?
Sorry. Cool toys, but not that cool.

Not going to go into too much Doctor Who in this post,
but they did reveal the Classic Sonic Screwdriver
at the Underground Toys booth.

My 2nd favorite toys on display were the Bif Bang Pow Twilight Zone retro figures.
I was very sad out how crappy the prototypes looked,
but when I saw the actual production figures at the con I flipped my wig.
(More on them later.)

I bought the 1st six figures and am very excited about the new stuff coming later this year.

They made Burgess Merideth from "Time Enought at Last,"

I can now die happy.

Mattel had their usual booth filled with amazing non essential toys. Don't get me wrong...I love their stuff...but I won't cry if I don't end up getting it from their stingy online site.

The Ghostbusters were out in full force.

The cartoon stuff looks good...

...and Rick Moranis finally gets his Key Master toy.

On the He-Man side of things...

Bow from She-ra was jaw dropping...

and these guys were kinda cool too.

The best thing at the booth was this drool worthy Hall of Justice display.

Thanks again Matty for the cool toys this year!

And finally we come to my favorite toy booth from every Comic-Con....Hasbro.

There was a lot of amazing stuff on display and the
Hasbro peeps are always accommodating and cordial.

Here was my fav stuff...

The Black Panther from Marvel universe.
Can't he splash a little color into that costume? He is so militant.

John Byrne Cyclops and Phoenix.
Brings back my dorky comic book reading past.

Carnage. How many of these in how many scales can 1 man have?

Nick Fury from the Iron Man movies. Very slick.

Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes from the New Joe line.

Super detailed and super cool.

Check out the Hoth Display in the Star Wars booth.

Wish I had time to make one of these.

Well...that's it...most of the other stuff was the same old, same old.
But if you love Hollywood douche bags mixing with super weird nerds...
Comic-Con is the ultimate event for you and Klingon loving nerds like me.

All this aside...
The important thing is I got back in time early
enough to help win the sweet LA softball championship last Sunday.

Go Meat!


  1. Hey thanks for sharing the details of comic con over your end. I hope I can get some of these over at my end.


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