What have you got for me this time...

So...San Diego Comic Con is just a day away and
I am getting very excited about all the amazing
Doctor Who exclusive figures that are waiting for me there.

So...to tide us over till then...here in the 2nd entry in my
Doctor Who Month Special: the new 11th Doctor's Tardis.

This was just released here in states in the last week or so and
as you can see, right off the bat, it is much more detailed
and interesting than the last two Tardis' that were released.

This Tardis looks a lot like the 1st Doctor's
Blue Box from the early 60's tv show.

A bit of a throw back to give the young
dashing Matt Smith a bit of weight and gravitas I imagine.

I mean the guy dresses like a professor from the 1940's,
right down to his cool little bowtie.

This Tardis has all the light and sound
features of the original David Tennant Police Box.

This is a breath of fresh air coming off the
disappointment of the last two half-assed classic Tardis'.

Yes, the phone even pops out in this version
and it doesn't impede the door movement!

Matt looks fantastic hanging out in
front of his little timey wimey device.

If only we had Amy to hang out with him?!?!?
Hopefully we will be able to get her at the con
if those stinkin' Brits ever feel like sharing their toys with us yanks.

Here are all the Tardi together. Are they just precious!

Overall...great job Character Options! This makes my 11th Doctor feel complete.
Keep all the DW goodness coming!

Now hurry up and release the sweet Tardis interior playset already...


Be back later in the week with more DW and Comic-Con updates.


  1. "This Tardis has all the light and sound features of the original David Tennant Police Box." - The Colonel

    Well, Chris Eccleston might take issue with you referring to it as "Tennant's" TARDIS. Plus, the fact that you refer to it as the "original" is inflammatory wording at best, SIR! But those things are neither here nor there when compared to the real reason for my comment:

    This TARDIS most certainly does NOT have "all the light and sound features" of the RTD TARDIS. In fact, the worst part about this thing is that its light and sound features are all too similar to the recently released "crappy" (as you call them) classic TARDISes. What makes the difference? NO INTERIOR LIGHT! Which means - NO LIT WINDOWS!

    This is a legitimate criticism - not only because in the new Matt Smith series we often see the windows (as well as the sign) lit up, but because it is potentially the harbinger of a disturbing new trend at CO -- reducing their production costs by sacrificing product quality while maintaining a high price point to increase their profit margin. Put simply: they cut their costs for this product and sold it to us at the same price as its predecessor.

    The "original" Flight Control TARDIS by CO is a superior product, plain and simple. While I enjoy the new product and am happy to have it, I am disturbed with what I believe is the first intentional profit-motivated drop in quality from this company.

    Love your blog! Especially all the DW pics! =D

    Keep up the good work.



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