"He wants you to be his Master!"


I have been collecting a lot of toys from the 1973 to 1976 period lately
and have stumbled across some great lines in the process.

One of my favorite's that I am into at the moment has got
to be Kenner's Duke The Super Action Dog!!

I only have one of the sets so far, but I wanted to highlight this little known line from 1974.

This is one of the great pre-Star Wars Kenner lines from the mid 1970's
that fits in well with Steve Scout and his larger cousin, Steve Austin.

Here is what I know...

This line was an original property, like the Steve Scout line,
and had no comic, movie, or TV basis. It was just a fun line
for kids who wanted to have a dog to master.

Duke is of the highest quality, like the other
Kenner products of the time, well sculpted and articulated.

It was only produced by Kenner for a couple of years and most
of the pieces are tough to find on the secondary market today.

If you have any more info on Duke....let me know.

Also, check out more pics and info at
The Duke Headquartes and
great catalog scans at Plaid Stallions.


  1. I have three Dukes from my childhood. I had the whole set, the HQ, the rescue unit and the fire unit. I still have the rescue and fire unit. The HQ is long gone. One of the dogs legs broke and one of the tails broke. I treasure them.


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