Hanna-Barbera Classics

Jazwares has sneakily released the 1st wave of their new Hanna-Barbera line this 
past week to little fan fare. Though the scale and paint apps are a question, 
I am really enjoying the 1st wave of figures I found this weekend.

First off their are two scales to this action figure line. A 3" and a 6".

Why...I'm not sure.

 It would be great to have all the characters in the same scale
to keep them consistent in your collection.

The different scales just look odd next to each other on the shelf.

Some glaring issues stand out, like...why not make Tom 6" and keep Jerry 3"
so that they are I'm semi-scale with each other.

Right now it look like one of the episodes where 
Tom drinks a magic potion and has been shrunken to Jerry's size.

Jazwares has had some quality control issues with paint in some of their previous lines and these are no exception. The paint apps are sloppy at best. Make sure that you have plenty to choose from when you pick these up. I went through about 5 or 6 of each to pick out the best ones.

The articulation is also an issue. At first glance, the articulation and detail are very inviting, but once you get them out of the package the actual range of motion is limited. A bicep swivel on future figure would go a long way to selling these to even the most cynical collector.

Having said all that, I can't stop playing with these figures.
 The characters and detail are just contagious.

Here's hoping they work out the kinks in future releases and we get a 
wide variety of HB characters and maybe even some playsets and vehicles. 

Can you say Speed Buggy or a sweet "futuristic" Jetsons home playset!!

These are not without their faults, but the fun factor of the characters 
and the wave of nostalgia that runs over you when you gets these 
babies in your hand beats out any shortcomings these little toys might have.

For now the new HB figures are going to hang out with the great Toynami Herculoids. 

Can't wait for Wave 2!

Here are some more fun pics of this line.

Fred compared to vintage D-toys line from 1983

Now off to find Space Ghost, he is the last one from wave 1 on my list of toys to get this week.

UPDATE: Space Ghost has been found. Check it here.


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