Space Ghoooost!!!

My good pal Tim finally found me the last of the new Jazwares 
Hanna-Barbera figures that were released a couple weeks ago. 
Space Ghost was the most anticipated figures
 I hoped would be make it into this line. 

SG is one of my all time favorite HB shows from my childhood 
and I missed getting the Toycom Space Ghost figure back in the day. 
So, this figure is a long time coming for me.

 Like the other new Jazwares HB releases I chronicled here
Space Ghost is not with out his triumphs and missed opportunities.

The Good.

It's a Space Ghost action figure with a good sculpt
 and a decent amount of articulation!!! 

Woo hoo!!!

And he comes with his monkey pal Blip! A nice surprise! 

(Though Blip seems to have put on some weight over the years.)

The Bad

Though it is a good sculpt the upper body
 articulation could really use a bicep swivel. 
That is problem across the whole line.

 Also, not a huge fan of his winded cape.
 I do prefer a more static look.

The Ugly.

The paint applications are suspect. 
Be very careful when you pick out these figures.
 I would hesitate to buy these online. 

Here is one that Tim found out on the hunt. 
Yipes! I suspect part of this problem is that 
the figures are not tied down in their packages.
 They are just sitting loose bumping the sides 
of the packaging all the way from China.


I am overly enamored with this line of Hanna-Barbera toys. 
So, I will probably pick up all of their offerings. 
I am a HUGE sucker for cartoon toys. 

Space Ghost has some issues and the left leg 
on mine broke off when I tried to sit him down, 
but again the nostalgia has overwhelmed me 
and I can't help but keep playing with these toys hour after hour. 

Jazwares definitely has the addicting license part down,
 just need a few more pieces of articulation
 and some quality control with the paint apps
 and this might go down as one of the all time great lines.


  1. Rockwell J. PugglesworthMarch 11, 2013 at 11:00 PM

    Kudos for the Mego Star Trek The Motion Picture Bridge playset guest appearance.


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