Hanna-Barbera Classics Wave 2

The 2nd round of HB classics hit the shelves 
this past weekend hot off the heels of the 1st wave.

There are 2 new 6" figures

Fred with  Bowling Action

and Tom with Mallot slamming on Jerry's head action.

The Tom is a welcome addition being much 
more in scale with his nemesis from the 3" line.  

Fred is a nice sculpt. 
His head is squishy like an old Mego figure

The articulation is limited on these guys, but they display nicely. 

Here are the additions to the 3" line.

The highly anticiated CAPTAIN CAVEMAAAAAAN!!!!!

and Secret Squirrel.

These are by far the best two figures in the line. 

Secret Squirrel hat even pops opes to reveal his hidden camera. 

Such a nice touch.

Both of these just scream "BUY ME" on the toy shelf. 

These figure are much improved on the 1st wave 
and here is hoping each successive figure released gets better and better. 

 Nice job Jazwares. 

Keep them coming.


  1. Found your blog yesterday from the Jazwares FB page, and now I have a new favorite blog for my rss reader! Thanks for all the great photos! Keep up the great work!

  2. Rockwell J. PugglesworthMarch 11, 2013 at 10:57 PM

    I have rarely been more happy as an adult man than I was the day I found Captain Caveman hanging from the pegs of a TRU. Now if only I can find a Hong Kong Phooey I can die fulfilled.


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