Mad Monster Party by Diamond Select

From the people that brought you
the great Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, 
came this strange uneven and
totally enthralling gem from 1967.

Mad Monster Party was not a huge hit in it's time 
and has been largely forgotten in the shadow 
of Rudolph and Frosty and the other Rankin/Bass classics.

You only need to watch the trailer to 
see what a 60's time capsule this movie is.

It is rife with all the great 60's monster cliches 
and even stars Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller.

It has gathered a cult following over the years 
and has finally made it's way into the collector community.

Funko made two series of vinyl figures a few years back
to wet the appetite of the action figure monster collectors.

But finally this year, Diamond has released the 
1st of what I hope is many series of actual 
poseable action figures based on the movie.

 It only took 45 years, but they are finally a reality.

All of the figures are great, but the Baron really stands out to me. 
His likeness form the film is perfectly captured in plastic.

He has decent articulation and stands very well on his own.

He comes with his vial of his total destruction potion 
and a poor spider type creature to try it out on.

Figure Rating: A
(More articulation would be more than welcome.)

The Count is also very well done from the 
tip of his wingtips to the top of his monocle.

He suffer from his design. 
His skinny legs are no match for his giant 
heavy head and I had a very hard time 
getting him to stand in any pose. 

His accessories are great and I love the how 
well they have captured the character, 
but as a toy it doesn't quite work.

Figure Rating: B
(Gravity is not his friend)

Fang is monstrously large.
He dominates the figure shelf.

Named for the fictitious husband that 
Phyllis Diller used in her comedy act, 
he looks exactly like his doppelganger in the movie.

 He comes with a torch to scare him with.  

He also suffers from top heaviness and is tough to pose. 

Figure Rating: A-
(Big and beautiful.)

All of the figures remarkably capture 
the essences of Jack Davis' designs from the film.
These figures are very dense and heavy 
and each comes with a Mad Monster Party base.

I am very ecstatic that these were produced 
and they are a stunning site to behold. 

Buy them up so we can get another series that 
would hopefully include the lovely Francesca!!


  1. but as a toy it doesn't quite work. Figure Rating: B. (Gravity is not his friend). Fang is monstrously large. He dominates the figure shelf. Named ...


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