Prometheus Series 1 by NECA

Let me say at the beginning, 

I was not a huge fan of the movie.

I thought the idea behind it was fantastic, 

but the execution was lacking in many areas. 

Bad script, bad acting, bad directing. 

That being said, as with all Ridley Scott films, 

I enjoy the designs far more than the final film product. 

I saw the prototypes of the figures at NECA booth 

at San Diego Comic-Con and was very impressed 

by the realism and accuracy to the source material. 

I was hoping they would be able to retain 

that in the mass release of the figures. 

Let's see how they did. 

Here are some photo impressions I have taken

of the 1st wave of Prometheus figures.

The Engineer in his pressure suit.

A first glance, right off the shelf, he looks like 

an almost perfect representation of the character in the film.

The sculpting and craftsmanship of this figure is spot on.

He even has some very useful articulation.

A trend I hope NECA continues. 


Though the color palette of the figure is slightly bland. 

He is an excellent action figure and does the 

reference material proud.

Figure Rating: A

(He's big, he's cool, he created us. We think.)

The other figure in this wave is 

the Engineer in his Pilot Chair Suit.

The figure is also very screen accurate.

 His design is not as intricate as the other one.

The blandness of the coloring in the design 

takes away a bit of the impact of this figure.

 He is still well articulated if a little less exciting. 

Figure Rating: B+

(Nice and blandly done.)

This 1st wave is fairly impressive from an

 action figure standpoint from NECA. 

The playability in these far exceeds 

some of their more static offerings. 


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