The Hobbit by The Bridge Direct

 My most highly anticipated action figure property
 of the year were finally released starting on Monday, October 1st. 

The 1st wave has hit retail and online and is selling fast. 

I picked up 5 of the new figures and will be hunting for the rest over the coming weeks. 

Here is a list of the figures in wave 1 from the official press release. 

Bringing The Hobbit to life for fans of all ages, the toy collection includes:
3.75” Action Figures – Available in Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, Thorin Oakenshield, Grinnah the Goblin and Legolas Greenleaf, these 3.75″ scale action figures contain up to 12 points of articulation and replicate the authentic facial features, clothing, weapons and accessories of the character in painstaking detail. (For Ages 4+, SRP $7.99 each)
3.75”Action Figure 2-Packs These pairings of 3.75″ scale action figures are available in four styles: Bilbo and Gollum, Balin and Dwalin, Kili and Fili, and Legolas Greenleaf and Tauriel, with both Balin and Tauriel being EXCLUSIVE to the 2-Packs at this scale in this series.  (For Ages 4+, SRP $14.99 each)
3.75” Figure Deluxe 2-Pack – Gandalf and Bolg prepare for battle with this set of 3.75″ scale action figures pairing a key hero with a key villain. (For Ages 4+, SRP $17.99)
3.75” Action Figure Box Set Join Bilbo, Thorin, Kili, Fili and Dwalin, with this special box set for the avid collector. The set includes 3-5 weapons/accessories for each figure for posing and battling action. (For Ages 4+, SRP $29.99)
3.75” Beast Pack Every good villain needs a beast to ride into battle, and this 3.75″ scale action figure beast pack has them both with Fimbul the Hunter and his Warg! Featuring authentic detail, these figures are sure to become collector’s items. (For Ages 4+, SRP $19.99)
3.75” Figure Battle Pack One of the biggest and baddest creatures faces off with a key hero in this 3.75″ scale action figure battle pack featuring the Goblin King and Thorin Oakenshield. Each figure replicates the facial features, clothing, weapons and accessories of the character in authentic detail. (For Ages 4+, SRP $29.99)
6” Collector Figures Available in Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, Thorin Oakenshield, Legolas Greenleaf and Tauriel, these 6″ scale collector figures feature intricate details based on the characters. Each with up to 12 points of articulation and authentic details replicating the character’s facial features, clothing, weapons and accessories, these figures are sure to become coveted pieces of movie memorabilia. (For Ages 4+, SRP $14.99 each)

 I have only seen these in person at Toys R US, 
but they should be hitting all of the other major retailers soon. 

I was lucky enough to meet some of the people from the company
 and saw the figures at San Diego Comic-Con this year. 

I was blown away at the detail they had achieved in the 3 3/4" scale. 

The 6" figures also matched up fairly well to the some
 of the best made in the Toy Biz Lord of the Rings toy line.

It turns out that the high quality product shown
 for the 1st time at the Con is the exact product
 that I found at Toys R Us this week.

Here are the lucky Middle Earthlings that came home with me. 

Let's start with the packaging. 

As soon as I saw them on the store shelf, 
I was immediately transported back to the carefree days 
of the early 2000's and immersed into Peter Jackson's Middle Earth.

The back of the packaging has a lovely description 
of the character and a synopsis of the film. 

It is more detailed that the usual action figure card back.

The final product looks very much like the prototypes on the backer. 

Package Rating: A- 
(Well done with a nice classic look.) lasted in the package just long enough to take picture. 

I was staring at them in the car all the way home 
and almost rear ended a few people in the process.

So I ripped them out and set them up and started to take them in. 

Here is Bolg. A giant Orc that is around 4 1/2" tall.

His outfit and armor is made of bones and 
skin and hair collected from his victims.  

He has very useful articulation and 
comes with three weapons of destruction.

Figure Rating: A
(Good paint, good sculpt, good design, good figure.)

He came in a two pack with this old guy.

Gandalf also comes in a single pack. 
It is the exact same figure except that they 
added some scuffs and dirt to his face and clothing. 
A nice little touch.

This is my favorite figure that has been released so far. 

I am very happy with the level of detail 
in the likeness they were able to capture in this scale

He comes with his hat, staff, sword and sheath. 

The sheath and hat are removable. 
He also has the right kind of articulation that 
doesn't detract from the integrity of the sculpt and design. 

Figure Rating: A+
(One of the best I own in this scale)

This ugly goblin is named Grinnah.

He was a nice surprise in this 1st wave. 

He has the most unique sculpt and finest paint job in the line. 

He can be posed in many creepy ways and 
makes a nice addition to this budding line.

Figure Rating: A+
(Unique and disgusting. Perfect!)

Here is the keeper of the precious.

Gollum is a fan favorite and we are all excited to 
spend some more time with him in the upcoming film. 

This figure is very simply done.
 But, the more I play with him the more I respect the limited articulation.

It is tough to capture small characters in this
 scale and give them much needed playability.

I think The Bridge Direct has done a wonderful 
job walking this tight rope with this figure.

I am sure that the 6" version will be more articulated. 

Yet, this small scale Gollum fits in very well with the rest of the line.

Figure Rating: A
(Fine detail and paint work.)

The other half of this two pack is the star of the book and film. 

Bilbo Baggins. 

He comes by himself as well and it is 
the exact same figure with no differences.

Martin Freeman is one of my favorite British character actors
and I can't wait to get a Sherlock figure of him.

Bilbo is the softest sculpted figure out of the 1st wave.

The design, articulation and detail are remarkable 
for a character this small to be in scale with the rest of a 3 3/4" figure line.

All of the others have more paint detailing on their faces and bodies. 

Bilbo is just soft enough looking to really look like a kids toy. 

Figure Rating: B
(Great scuplt, soft details.)
The scale in the lines seems pretty great so far. 
I have no reference since the movie has yet to be released, 
but what I can tell from the trailer, these work very well together. 

(The Bridge Direct has hit the 1st wave out of the park 
and have really made a quick name for 
themselves in the 3 3/4" scale figure market.)



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